To make clear the statement of my work of art is to feed the achievement of experience in the constant practice, extending patterns of technical and spiritual evolution with will and devotion, in my body and mind this is even essential, through last years conviction and strength leads me to self explore beyond than any cult of inner twilight, falling and rising from ashes of past to burn into an everlasting static flame of discipline, (and to learn, never stop of learning) as a challenge to transcend beyond the ego and the mundane modern chaos, as well to seek new pathways to reach knowledge to conquer the divinity of any equilibrium and dominate it, in loyalty with the inspirational silence and  glacial introspections, in order to become the spiked excess in the void, focusing my energy on top of a pencil, pen or a brush, all this as an honest process and as a promulgation of the inner fire of consciousness which I keep proud looking always for endure in intellectual savagery with joy.